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How I Run My Hot Tub Chemical Free

I have been doing this for about 4 years and it works amazing! The water is crystal clear, soft, smells amazing, and leaves no toxic chemical residue on your skin. You get out feeling like you had an aromatherapy treatment or just went to the spa. Anyone that has ever been in our hot tub is always amazed and asks how to do it, so here you go!

I use a combo of food-grade 29% Hydrogen Peroxide and high quality essential oils. Ozone in water forms H2O2, Hydrogen Peroxide in water can kill bacteria 5000 times more than chlorine. It is cheaper and easier to maintain than using chemicals in addition to all the other benefits.

-keeps water clear and treated

-no problems with itching and dry skin caused by chemicals

-promotes clear, smooth, soft, and healthy skin

-oils provide enhanced benefit for relaxation and stress relief

Geranium is the main essential oil you need but I also use a few drops of other oils that have natural anti-microbial properties

What to do:

-When your tub is clean and filled with fresh water, for an average full size hot tub add 2 cups of H2O2 and turn on circulation pump to distribute evenly. Add 2oz/week for maintenance

-Add 10-15 drops of Geranium essential oil at water change (I use Young Living brand of oils because of their purity, quality and potency)

- I also add about 5 drops each of at least 3 of these oils at water change: tea tree, lavender, lemon, thieves, purification, eucalyptus.

-For maintenance I add 3-5 drops of Geranium and any optional oils once a week OR each time we use it.

We change the water and clean the tub and filter on average every 3 months or as needed. This method honestly keeps your hot tub so clean that it doesn’t even seem like you need to that often. For best results it also helps to make sure people are clean/showered when they get into the tub, and don’t have grass, dirt, or sand on their feet.

As a disclaimer I would like to include that I am sharing what works for me and if you decide to use this method it is up to you to ensure cleanliness and effectiveness are being monitored and maintained. My recommendations and experience for this protocol are based on using only the Young Living brand of essential oils which have a purity and potency that will not necessarily be consistent with just any brand. I also advise monitoring and testing your water as you go to make sure there are no variables with your tub or water that make this method less effective for you. I have never had any problems but you have to maintain it regularly and you can’t “shock” it if your water becomes compromised like when using chemicals. If the water or tub needs to be cleaned you have to drain, clean, sanitize (I use Young Living All Purpose Thieves Cleaner), and start over.

Food grade 29% H2O2 is available online or locally in Pemberton at Stay Wild Natural Health. Young Living oils are also available for retail purchase locally at Stay Wild Natural Health.

If you are interested in a free wholesale account to order Young Living essential oils and products contact me at

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