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Financial Wellness and Sovereign Living strategies. Why I am investing in gold and silver

I have had some interesting conversations with my friends and clients lately, about what we are doing to prepare in the best possible way for the future. When I tried to make a list of reasons this is important to me, these were the top things that came to mind:

  • Uncertain future

  • Sovereign survival

  • Independent from system

  • Financial security

  • Decentralized option from banks

  • Don’t trust govt or banks

  • Sound money wallet

  • Education about something I want to learn

  • Like minded community

  • Opportunity to help people (and yourself) make money with no selling

The company and opportunity I am partnered with for this membership is based around sovereign survival, and solutions for being financially independent from the system in this interesting time of economic instability and massive inflation. It provides wealth strategies and solutions to help protect us in the uncertain future we are all facing. I personally don’t have a lot of trust or faith in the banks or government. This provides a simplified, decentralized, private, encrypted alternative to the traditional financial system with the ability to buy, sell, store, and get paid with metals, physically and digitally, as well as tons more benefits that come with your membership.

This company was founded by and is made up of an amazing community of like minded, forward thinking, successful entrepreneurs, business people and innovators who are passionate about helping others thrive. This platform also provides high quality information and education about investing, gold and silver, wealth strategies, and much more.. all things I have personally wanted to know more about and be more educated in but didn’t know where to start before this.

That is my reason for wanting to share it with others, so we can all make conscious choices on how to set ourselves up for the future in the best way, or at least know more about the options. No pressure, no sales, and if it’s not for you that is all good, but it is worth checking out if any of this is even a little bit interesting to you.

If you would like me to send you a link to learn more, or attend a wealth strategies presentation feel free to get in touch anytime!

Are you getting tired of everything costing more by the day, making more money but still not having enough to make ends meet or pay all the bills, the value of your dollar and buying power decreasing by the second...

World banks, billionaires, and the wealthy elite are buying up gold and silver faster than ever... what do they know that we don't?

You can get started with as little or as much as you want. You can start buying gold with as little as $1 !

Send me a message if you would like more info.

Together we rise! See you in the future!

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